Friday, August 24, 2007

Bloggerwave is looking for You

My ever so intrusting friend pointed me to an interesting site that I would like to share with you today! Did you know, people can actually make money blogging. Tam referred me to one such site. I know what you girls are thinking, Who would pay money to read ramblings? When she first showed me the site, I too had the same thought. But, the more I read about the site the more it sounds like something I could do. And to add to my confidence level, my friend Niki shared some of her expierences and feedback pertaining to the site. Everyone can use a little extra money these days, so who am I to turn down such a great opportunity? LoL

Bloggerwave is in the market and looking for a view good bloggers. The process is easy and painless. Just sign up and wait a couple of days why they review your blog and in no time, you are getting paid to do what we all do best.. ramble!

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