Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Where to begin ....

I was attempting to get 5 new layouts done today so I could enter into the Style It Studio Strut Your Stuff competition. Only to realize.. I have so many scrap kits on various cds, dvds, and hard drive, that I really need to organize. But oh! where to begin. I know I have said that before.. and clearly I have gotten no father on the organizing since that day!! LoL

*random* I was looking through the Style It Studio Gallery and noticed how novice my pages look to some. I can really tell I have been doing this only a short time. LoL

Big thank you to Niki for helping me figure out the margins on the blog.. I was ready to just delete the thing.


robi said...
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Robbie said...

Heh, you didn't tell if you made it with those 5 new designs. :)