Friday, August 24, 2007

Who Wants Extra Money?!?!?!

Everyone knows being out of work is no fun. I am going through that right now and I stress everyday on how I will come up with the money to pay this bill or pay that bill. I also have friends who are work at home mothers who would love to add more income to their family's budget. Money is always on everyone's mind all the time. Well, today Tam referred me to blog network and mentioned that upon approval, I could receive money for writing blog entries! How great is that? They will pay me for something I love to do. I wanted to share this will all my friends as well.

The registration for the blog network is so easy. They ask for your blog deatials and a few details about yourself and then take a couple of days to review your blog and ensure your blog is active and that you are up for the task. But really, who is not up for making some additional money? Not to mention you do not have to worry about getting dressed up and trying to impress someone you just met like with other job interviews. After you create your account, you can browse the site and you will see that there are many other people who have been blogging for money for at least a year. Those people who have been at it for a little bit have made at least $1,000 some have made over $10,000. As if getting paid to blog was not enough of a motivation, I can also meet new people and start lasting friendships. So I can make money and friends, how can I go wrong?

To help you get started if you choose to.. I have provided a link so you too can join the blog network! Can you tell where my mind is? LoL Money Money Money ... Happy blogging everyone.. I hope to see you at PayPerPost.

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