Monday, September 10, 2007


Here we are again! Monday morning. I know each one of you is as excited as I am. I will be hitting the job market hard this week. It is time. LoL Cato's is hiring! I am really excited about that. I love their clothes. Think of my closet!! LoL And the shoes!!! I am becoming a shoe person. LoL

Saw my asian all weekend. He is doing really well. We went to open houses yesterday! It was so fun. I love the look on the realitor's face when we told them we were newly weds.. They had that.. "You two look to young to be married look" Little do they know! We are both pushin 30... well in a couple years. LoL

I have mondo layouts to get uploaded... maybe I will post some here.. I know Niki likes to look at them .. at least she tells me she does. LoL

Happy Blogging!

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