Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Gators and my take on LSU

Oh Gators! So close!!!

Now if I was the #1 ranked team in the BCS.. I would hope to lead the game against the #9th ranked team a little longer then just the last 1:09 of the game. Yes I understand you got the check the W column, but come on.. who are we kidding here? Florida's offense stopped your all American d-lineman..

I will give the LSU coach some kudos though. He made some gutsy 4th down calls, along with not killing his kicker for missing those two field goals. What is 6 points anyway?

This week in the training room... Florida.. I would work on the little T motion for time outs... that 29 seconds could have won you the game and the top 5 ranking!

To bed I go... I will see you all after Loran leaves tomorrow!!

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