Monday, October 15, 2007

In Need of a Hotel

My mother is getting ready for her annual visit to Toas, New Mexico in November. She was calling around pricing her hotel reservations. Since she works in the travel field, you would think she would want to take advantage of saving money on travel expenses when she can. I keep telling her there are places on the internet where she can save money on hotel reservations, airfare and car rentals.

Some sites, like even offer vacation package savings. She usually makes the drive to Toas, but with the vacation package savings she could book her flights, rental car, hotel, everything right through them. She would save time because she would not jump from around from one site to another making reservations. It can all be taken care of in one place.

I know from past experience that you call the hotel or airline direct to make your reservation, or book your flight, but you are going to pay full price that way. Unless, you are an AAA or AARP member, then you may see some savings. But with a travel discount site, you are offered competitive rates that add up to huge savings over direct bookings.

offer great discounts on world wide destinations. If you are booking a resort, motel or hotel reservations, they can offer you huge savings.

And don't get me wrong, there are other travel discount sites out there too, but this is the one I find to be the most consistent. Like I have mentioned before, their rates are competitive and yet, much cheaper than direct bookings. Not only that,they have a great way of handling the issues of a cheaper rate on a different site. If you find a cheaper rate on another site, with the exact same travel dates and hotel, you can contact them within 24 hours of your reservation. They will confirm the rate with the other site and then they will either match the competitors rate or cancel your reservation without a cancellation fee, whichever you chose.

They even have special offers from time to time like Gas Rebates!! I know that personally, with the gas prices today, I am hesitant to go anywhere, yet alone take any vacations. But if you can take advantage of an offer like that, what are you losing?

I hope Mom takes my advise and looks into those special hotel rates.

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