Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chronic Pain Reflief

Before I was even a twinkle in my father's eye, his love of football and baseball was the cause of great pain. He was playing baseball one day and upon attempting to steal second base, slid in and had his leg get caught under the bag. With his body still moving forward, the leg snapped back causing the sacks on each of the knee to pop. And this pain along with torn ligaments and cartilage have over the course of my 26 years placed my father on the bench in many activities of life. I can see the pain in his eyes when he bends down to play with Loran or when he simply wants to pet the dogs.

I was watching television today and I saw an advertisement for Freeze It Gel advanced therapy pain relief. From the advertisement I could tell it was not the typical pain relief. It contains all natural ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin e. That combination is great for relieving muscle strains, joint pain, even back pain and arthritis. I know several people that could benefit from this, myself included.

They are having a contest right now for a lifetime supply of Freeze It. With my mother's surgery quickly approaching, my father will be the sole income for the family. It would be fantastic if he was to win because it would enable him to do more of the extra things he loves to do to earn extra money. I know he misses those tee ball games he used to umpire. When he and I are out, we occasionally see some of the little girls he has met over the years and they truly miss him as well. He is an asset to the league and I know they would be ecstatic to have him back.

Here is the commercial for Freeze It!

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