Friday, November 30, 2007

Shopping in Houston

I love when I come to Houston. Every time I am here we also find the best deals! At the mall today, in the Disney store, I picked up two 10 piece action figure play sets for Loran. One is of the Disney Princess' and the other is of all the Disney Fairies! I am so excited. I also picked up a Tinkerbell sweatshirt for me. At The Children's Place they were having a sale!! I picked up two shirts for Loran that normally would be 2 for 12 and I paid 2 for 9!! *Happy Dance* I am here for two more days, but I think Mom and I are heading to the "Old Time Spring" later. It is like a sweet little downtown area with off the wall shops, so I am sure I will spend more money! LoL

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