Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Ever Lasting Update

Good cold afternoon! Do you like the new header? I must say, I am enjoying it!

I shall now entertain you with an update on my life!

I started school in January. I am in classes to be an Insurance coder and Administrative Medical Assistant. I was recently added to the Director's List. Which encompasses 90% attendance and 90% or higher in all my classes. I am truly impressed at how quickly I adapted to going to school. I do believe I truly did miss it. The program will take me until the end of November to finish.. and IF I stay and get my associates (which I am really thinking about) then it will be another 5 or 6 months. But I am excited to begin a career and not just a job. *happy dance*

Loran is growing so fast. It saddens me sometimes because she is so much like me. I know I should not be sad about that, but then I think about how many might feel about that, and I know if the roles were reversed, I would be truly upset. Loran recently decided that she needed a hair cut and so gave herself one. I was not really that upset about that.. what I was upset about is where it happened. She was able to cut the majority of the left side of her hair off at DAYCARE! During one of the days when we had ice .. Mary drop Loran off into the older school age kids' class. There were less then 10 children there that day. In the larger kids class they keep an art center down, to "encourage motor skills," which makes perfect sense if the children are older. The 4 year old thought she was in having. Now I can see her being able to take a couple of strands off before a teacher notices, but HALF her hair on the left side? What was that teacher doing?

Loran and I went to the zoo last Saturday. I was a little worried, because this is the first zoo trip since my mother passing. And zoo trips were always my mother, Loran and myself. But Loran was a so well behaved! I thought maybe she had been abducted by aliens and replaced. Invasion of the Pod People style! Here are a few photos:

As I mentioned yesterday, I have really been paper scrapping a lot! So today I thought I would show you all what my Paper Scrapping Corner looks like! Please excuse the slight messy-ness. I have a lot of stuff and limited space. LoL

With the corner being in the spotlight, I thought I would go ahead and show some of my Disney Paper layouts from the trip in April '07. Some of these I really like and others are still growing on me! LoL

This is the first page in my scrap album. The photo in the top left corner is my sister, father, uncle, and grandpa. There is of course photos of the Cinderella's Castle, the Epcot "golf ball," and Mickey and the gang. The photo of Cinderella is actually a fountain! All the coins thrown in were collected and donated to "Make a Wish."

This one is a collection of Mickey and Friends from two different parks, The Magic Kingdom and The Animal Kingdom.

This was attempt at my first 2 page layout. Who better then Nemo! and Friends. Actually my photo taken abilities were not the greatest here because of all the children being thrown up there by their parents. All I would have needed would have been what, a minute, maybe two to get all the characters into the photo, but instead I had to take when I could get them... and so was born the multiple photos and the first two page layout! LoL

This is a page I did today! Mickey in all his glory. I am not so sure I like how this turned out, but maybe it will grow on me! LoL

That is probably enough for now! I have a couple of digital layouts that I will upload tomorrow night sometime. I have class all day tomorrow and I must go and study for a Medical Terminology test.

Until next time..

A page a day keeps the crazy doc away!

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